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[VINADIC – Emotion Corner] Experiencing Vinfast on a rainy day…

[EMOTION CORNER] Going through the constant rainy days like this, the wet and muddy makes us remember distinctly a visit to Vinfast from early July. Because that was also a rainy day … like this!

From when we were still sitting in the car moving down to Cat Hai (Hai Phong) – where VINADIC engineers, laborers were day and night working hard carrying out their mission, the rain had began to fall more and more heavily. Sitting in the car, I felt like being deep in some certain place – where I could imagine the scene of the workers at the site are under hardship wearing the rain, blocking the wind to ensure the progress of the project. The body might be tired, sweat might fall down a lot but the quality of each item that VINADIC construct could never be at fault of any small detail.

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Vinadic were day and night working hard to complete as progress Vinfast project

The more we went, the more we felt the salty taste of the sea, the salt smell was like pervading each scene, each plant here. But the more we went, the more we felt the hardship of the workers staying at sea at Vinfast project.

After about 2 hours moving from Hanoi, we saw the welcome gate of Vinfast project but in order to get into the area where VINADIC was constructing, it took us nearly 10 more minutes. The dirt roads were rugged because the heavy-load vehicles moved every day, muddy because of the pouring rains seemed to be blocking our progress.

Welcome gate of Vinfast project (Cat Hai – Hai Phong), where VINADIC was participating in constructing

Just setting foot on the ground of the site, the mud, wind and rain made me feel rather discouraged. A thought crossed: “It’s done, there goes a reality day!”. But the more was discovered, the more excited we felt. The bright smile, the friendliness of everyone, the very humorous jokes made our hearts become revved up. Although having to use umbrellas, wearing rain crossing muddy roads, we were determined to record those beautiful moments!

Everyone’s face was always with radiant smile

Staying at sea, staying at the project, VINADIC engineers and laborers at Vinfast site encountered many difficulties: accommodation was rather far, moving around was hard, all expenses were expensive. Especially when mentioning family, on every face appeared sadness, sorrow when because of bread and butter had to be away from home, away from children. At times, children got sick, wife got pain but had to hold back, asking a favor from parents, relatives to take care as could not return because of sense of responsibility, because of unremitting efforts to complete as progress the project.

VINADIC laborers were dedicated to their work because of sense of responsibility and passion

Hard as such but smile and joy was always not missing on each person’s face. Suddenly in my eyes appeared a beautiful scene, where there were building “machines” imposing in the midst of the sky, laborers who were strong, darkened by the sun and wind, partly of Vinfast and the sea also. That scene might not be such beautiful, it was only beautiful when harmonious in passion, enthusiasm and heart full of love.

Charming Vinfast photo frame

Comfortable moments with radiant smile​​​​​​​

And somewhere, echoing by the ear were extremely meanningful verses of the “Building Song”:

“Believe, love, and sing with us. Builders, believe in new life In bomb smoke, in moonlight. Throughout four seasons, I am still building Fun singing voice, for us. Fun singing voice, for you… For today, for tomorrow, for ever after… “.

Let VINADIC look again at the most beautiful moments of VINADIC workers at Vinfast project – Cat Hai – Hai Phong!

Amazing moments at Vinfast project: