VINADIC is not only highly evaluated in E&C, and construction of PC structures but also a reliable unit in the mechanical & electrical field. This is one of the key services of VINADIC.

VINADIC always knows how to combine smoothly between E&C and M&E fields which brings customers the most comprehensive and optimal solution in both quality and progress.

With over 20 years of operation, with experience in bidding and winning many large projects, construction is guaranteed on schedule and quality, meeting the highest technical standards highly appreciated by the Investor, VINADIC has affirmed its position as one of the strong units in the field of M&E construction nationwide.

As a leading mechanical and electrical contractor in Vietnam with experience in constructing many M&E projects, VINADIC is fully capable in the field of supplying and installing mechanical and electrical systems in the fields of infrastructure, civil, industrial, and commercial projects.

On the way of development, we have carried out many typical projects throughout the country such as Van Don International Airport – Quang Ninh; Ha Dong – Cat Linh elevated railway line; apartment building B1 – B2 – DV – CT2 Northwest Linh Dam area; Hateco Hoang Mai apartment building; Building HH6, Nam An Khanh apartment building…

Experiencing large projects with a team of managers, engineers, and skilled workers with extensive experience in design and construction in the field of M&E, VINADIC is committed to contributing to the construction and investment projects of the Investor. produce products with good quality and high economic efficiency.

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