With many years of experience and advantages in the construction and installation of pre-assembled buildings, the tallest, heaviest, and largest special projects in Vietnam, the advantage of a diverse and synchronous equipment array, together with With the rolling, blood of engineers, VINADIC aims to be the number 1 contractor, always offering innovative, breakthrough and truly professional solutions to devote to projects all over Vietnam, help investors accelerate construction progress, improve project quality with the most optimal cost.



VINADIC will promote its strengths and experience to become the leading contractor in Vietnam in the construction and erection of specific projects of difficulty.



Established in 2001, Vietnam Construction Investment Development Joint Stock Company (VINADIC) has become one of the leading enterprises in the construction industry. VINADIC is considered as a pioneer enterprise in applying the latest and most advanced technology solutions, shortening the construction process, ensuring the progress and quality of the works, and satisfying all customers – partners.


In order to achieve the current outstanding development, VINADIC is always proud of the leadership with a broad vision; Highly qualified foreign experts and a team of skilled, enthusiastic, and passionate engineers and employees, always roll with the highest sense of responsibility to partners – customers.



With a history of more than 20 years, VINADIC today has a certain position and makes a difference compared to other enterprises in the same industry. These are all advantages that help customers become more and more confident and trustworthy.


VINADIC has been and is a reliable and trustworthy partner of many investors. We are always proud to affirm to any partner in the construction industry that VINADIC always ensures to offer the most different construction technology solutions to bring to customers: Outstanding quality – Speed of completion Fastest – Most economical price – Advanced – modern – different technology solutions.