Along with the movement, continuous change of the construction industry, VINADIC is always anxious to offer the creative and breakthroughs solutions to keep up with the new technology trend. Our VINADIC people, who always contribute their efforts to the sustainable development and prosperity of the society through constructions with higher quality and more effective cost-savings the traditional construction technology thanks to the application of VINADIC’s technology solutions.




VINADIC aspires to become a reputable brand to contribute outstanding values to the sustainable development and prosperity of society.




Established in 2001, Vinadic has been going through many greatest development milestones, Untill now, Vietnam Construction Investment Development Company (VINADIC) has become one of the leading enterprises in construction field.

In 2001was marked the official establishment of Vietnam Construction Investment Development Company (VINADIC). In the beginning, the company mainly focused on construction and engineering activities. One of the typical projects which carried out by VINADIC such as: Road construction projects, Ground leveling projects, Irrigation projects (ditches, sewers, embankments, etc) and others civil works.



In order to achieve such outstanding development, VINADIC is always proud of its management board with a broad vision; Foreign experts with high expertise, highly-skilled engineers ,staffs with enthusiasm and high sense of responsibility to the community and society.




With more than 20 year experience, VINADIC today has a certain position and stands out from other enterprises in the industry, consolidating customer trust and confidence in Vinadic



VINADIC has been a reliable and trusted partner of many investors and contractors. We proudly affirm to any partner in the construction industry that VINADIC always provides customers with premium construction technology solutions: Superior quality – fast speed – economical price – state of the art technology.