Established in 2001, Vinadic has been going through many greatest development milestones, Untill now, Vietnam Construction Investment Development Company (VINADIC) has become one of the leading enterprises in construction field.

In 2001was marked the official establishment of Vietnam Construction Investment Development Company (VINADIC). In the beginning, the company mainly focused on construction and engineering activities. One of the typical projects which carried out by VINADIC such as: Road construction projects, Ground leveling projects, Irrigation projects (ditches, sewers, embankments, etc) and others civil works.

With the motto “Sustainable development is associated with modern values, professionalism and responsibility”, all the products and services of VINADIC are always welcomed positively by customers and society. The company’s market is expanding not only in Hanoi but also spreading widely throughout the nationwide.

Currently, VINADIC were and are carrying out many typical projects, focusing in some markets such as Hanoi, Northwest and North Vietnam (such as Bac Ninh, Cao Bang, Lai Chau); Thai Binh, Ha Nam, Ninh Binh, Quang Ninh; and Southern markets (such as Long An, Ho Chi Minh, and Tra Vinh).

Since 2008, VINADIC has been expanded on manufacturing construction materials with two large-scale factories in Van Noi and Ha Nam. After that, VINADIC continues to “remove and encroach” into the mechanical engineering field, real estate investment and currently is a design consultancy team with a highly qualified knowledge.

Along with the strong development of construction field, VINADIC has the advanced engineers, design consultancy team, enthusiastic and skilled workers, having more experiences in the construction field of large projects. In addition, VINADIC has the most modern equipment and machinery and can produce a variety of high-quality construction materials. The company has participated in bidding and won many projects, construction works, we always ensure the progress and quality and receive a highly appreciated by the builders.

Starting from respecting and setting the quality goals is the as the first priority, the company was successfully built the quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001 – 2008 international standard. Moreover, VINADIC has invested bravely to hire the foreign experts to directly participate in a number of key projects.

Currently, VINADIC’s brand name in the construction industry in Vietnam has been trusted by many big investors.

Along with the movement, continuous change of the construction industry, VINADIC is always anxious to offer the creative and breakthroughs solutions to keep up with the new technology trend. This is not only Not only the challenge but also the motivation to inspire the passion of our VINADIC people, who always contribute their efforts to the sustainable development and prosperity of the society through constructions with higher quality and more effective cost-savings the traditional construction technology thanks to the application of VINADIC’s technology solutions.

We are proud to affirm to any investor and customer in the construction industry that VINADIC is always the contractor offering the distinct construction technology solutions to bring to customers:

  • Outstanding quality
  • Speeding up the projects quickly
  • Cost saving
  • Advanced – Modern – Distinct technology solutions

That’s the reason why VINADIC means the destination, firmness, going up, reliable partners as the name tell its quality.

We chose the yellow and brown colors – the two main colors make a different values with the name is VINADIC in the Vietnam market.

With the desire to bring different values, especially the new technology solutions for construction works, the VINADIC’s logo is a combination of steady hands, showing the absolute protection for growth and success. Besides being the symbol of high-rise buildings – the specific activities field of VINADIC, this also means the projects that we have been completed for customers – partners.

With the sincerity, determination and persistence, VINADIC will surely satisfy and conquer the most strict customers.