Along with the movement and continuous change of the construction industry, VINADIC always strives to come up with innovative and breakthrough solutions to keep up with the trend of the new technology era. This is both a challenge and a source of motivation to stimulate the passion of our VINADIC people, who always carry with them the desire to contribute to the sustainable development and prosperity of society through information technology. through high-quality construction works at a much more economical cost than traditional construction technology thanks to the application of technology solutions of VINADIC.

We are always proud to affirm to any investor and customer in the construction industry that VINADIC always ensures that the contractor offers the most different construction technology solutions to bring to customers:

– Outstanding quality;

– The fastest completion speed;

– The most economical price;

– Advanced – modern – different technology solutions;

That’s why the VINADIC logo means a destination, solidity, ascent, reliable partner as the name says it all. We choose yellow and earthy brown – two main colors that make a different value named VINADIC in the Vietnamese market.

With the desire to bring different values, especially modern new technology solutions for construction projects, the VINADIC logo is a combination of strong and steady hands with great protection meaning. for growth and success. Besides the symbol of high-rise buildings – typical for the field of operation of VINADIC, it also means the projects that we have been completing for customers – partners.

With experience, capacity, determination, persistence, and blood, VINADIC believes that we will surely satisfy and conquer even the most demanding customers.