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VINADIC- Beauty looks from Vinfast

Cat Hai was originally just a coastal area with shrimp ponds, salt fields – the bread and butter of the poor locals, Cat Hai (Hai Phong) today is adorned by the great construction site of VinFast – complex of Car production with the goal of making Vietnamese branded cars in just 24 months.

Vinadic is speeding up to complete Vinfast construction

Proud to be one of the contractors participating in this big project from the early days, Vietnam Construction Investment Development Joint Stock Company (Vinadic) has been in charge of: infrastructure construction, road construction, construction of water supply and drainage systems, construction of breakwater, embankments, … with a total package of more than VND 300 billion and continued implementation of the remaining items of the project.

Picturesque Vinvast in the afternoon

Vinfast is completing all constructions,Not many people know that this beautiful scene was not long ago cluttered with concrete and steel, muddy roads when it rained.

Vinfast construction under completion