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VINADIC 2018 – Go to feel, go to share & connect

“Work keeps dragging us along. Because we do construction projects, we always have to follow to ensure the progress & quality of the works. This trip organized by VINADIC’s Board of Directors is an opportunity for us to slow down, get closer to each other, understand each other better, and have a very meaningful time.”

That is the thought of all officers, engineers, and employees working at Vietnam Construction Investment Development Joint Stock Company (VINADIC) after returning from a three-day experience trip 8, 9, last July 10 at Cua Lo beach (Nghe An).

“Connecting Passion – Connecting Success”

During the hottest time of summer, the characteristic scorching sun of the Central region still cannot be compared with the heat of youth, the enthusiasm, and passion hidden within the working children. in the field of construction at VINADIC. If normally, they only know how to make friends with cement, steel, and bricks, only worrying about how to speed up progress and achieve quality goals, now is the time to rest and have fun with the community career and family.

As soon as they set foot on the burning sand of Cua Lo beach, everyone was excited. Perhaps due to the nature of the work, which has to be seasoned with the sun and wind, people quickly “integrate” with the atmosphere here. Thanks to that, Teambuilding activities took place extremely excitingly with a lot of bonding games that promoted teamwork, and everyone burned. The heat of VINADIC has helped to ignite the hidden vitality of the sea here.

People bond, closer together in teambuilding games

Blue sky, white clouds, yellow sunshine, blue sea and friendship, comradeship – all blend to create a VINADIC family that is always attached and united. In that wonderful scene, many things can be seen: from sweat to the joy present on each person’s face, but most of all, the enthusiasm and love imprinted on each calloused mark of the people. people are attached to the construction profession day and night, serving the strong innovation of the country.

“The trip is an opportunity to help people relax, bond, understand each other & unite. This trip represents the thanks of the Board of Directors to the employees for their passion, contribution and constant efforts during the past time.” – Mr. Vu Ngoc, General Director of Vietnam Construction Investment Development Joint Stock Company shared.

The excitement is evident as soon as you set foot on the beach

The long flat sand, the casuarina groves whispering in the wind, the sound of waves crashing on the shore, especially the magnificent beauty of the early morning, when the dawn and the sunrise, and the hospitality of the people. the Central Coast, … seems to have made all members of the members of VINADIC forget all fatigue and stress. And when night falls, they have one more chance to “burn up” in the Gala Dinner – a party to exchange and share and an opportunity for the Board of Directors to say thank you to all their associates. At that moment, everything seemed to sink into silence and emotions surged. Who said construction people are dry? Because after the drawings, iron and steel concrete blocks or a solid face is an extremely warm and loving heart.

Although the summer experience is not long, it is enough for all employees and the Board of Directors of Vietnam Construction Investment Development Joint Stock Company to understand each other better, sympathize with each other more, and be ready to return to work with a new spirit. as excited as possible. The trip ended with smiles and tight hugs.

The sun and wind in the Central region were really fierce, the sweat drops on the forehead, soaked through the shoulders, soaked into the shirt, but how much fatigue and chaos were completely removed. Leaving behind all that is just crispy laughter and a new journey is about to begin for the people who built VINADIC.

The tight hugs of construction engineers

Now it’s time to look back at some of the best moments of this experience:

The trip ends with smiles, hugs, and tight fists